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About VHC Formula

VHC Formula™ is founded by Dr. Terrenz H'ng who has a 20 years experience in curing infertility with the complementary of both Chinese and Western medical knowledge. VHC Formula™ is formulated by using the best quality of precious herbs and extracted by Taiwanese extracts refining technology for consumer's convenience in term of consumption and mobility.


Besides that, VHC Formula™ is specially created by Dr. Terrenz for various health recovery and conditioning purpose, such as Confinement 1™ (for Postpartum Kidney Enhancement) & Confinement 2™ (for Postpartum Blood Circulation Recovery). She has also customized a set of Pre-IVF treatment body enhancement formula to increase the success rate of IVF treatment which commonly known as 35% and below, the success rate in worldwide, namely Female 1™, Female 2™ and Male™.


Dr. Terrenz

About Dr. Terrenz

Dr. Terrenz H'ng is a well known Malaysian fertility doctor from a family background of Chinese physician , which specialized infertility treatment. In the past 20 years, she has a total understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of both Chinese and Western medicine .  Apart from focusing on practical aspects of medical treatment, Dr. Terrenz is active in studying and exploring advanced theories in Western fertility studies. 


With the experience she gained from her practice, Dr. Terrenz obtained the mastery of medical practice based on the complementarity of both Chinese and Western medicine, and she provides comprehensive body conditioning to help couples to achieve pregnancy dream with the most natural approach.


Dr. Terrenz is the committee member of both British Fertility Society (UK) and Registered Therapist (UK). She is also a committee member of International Medical Technology Development Committee (China). Besides that, her academic qualifications consist of Doctoral Degree in Philosophy(US), International Advanced Diploma of Herbalism (UK), Bachelor Degree of Traditional  Chinese Medicine (Xiamen, China).  Dr. Terrenz is well recognized in domestic and foreign countries.

Verdure Healthcare

About Verdure

Verdure Healthcare Consultancy Sdn Bhd was established in 2004 by the founder, Dr. Terrenz H'ng. We have provided consultation and prescription of Chinese medicine to numerous couples to deal with infertility issue. Other than the collaboration with Malaysia famous hospitals, we are also in collaboration with well-known medical and IVF institutions from 9 countries in 3 continents, namely USA, UK, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus and Barbados. With the most sovereign and advanced medical technology, we are always staying ahead!


From consultation to prescribed Chinese medicine and now, we are moving forward to enhance our services with the complementary of both Chinese and Western medicine and technology and leading the infertility curing industry to another peak.

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