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Verdure X Pathlab Miscarriage & Pregnancy Infection Prevention Screening (5KB2)

Verdure X Pathlab Miscarriage & Pregnancy Infection Prevention Screening (5KB2)


The Verdure X Pathlab Miscarriage & Pregnancy Infection Prevention Screening (5KB2), also known as the TORCH screening, is a group of blood tests that check for several different infections in a pregnant woman that can potentially harm the unborn baby if the infections pass from the mother to the fetus.


The acronym "TORCH" stands for the infections being tested:


T - Toxoplasmosis: An infection caused by a parasite typically found in cat feces, contaminated food, or soil. It can cause serious problems for the fetus, including eye and brain damage.


O - Other infections: This can include a variety of other infections like Syphilis, Varicella-Zoster Virus (the cause of chickenpox), HIV, and other conditions that might be relevant based on the patient's history and geographical location.


R - Rubella (German Measles): A viral infection that can cause severe birth defects or miscarriage if a woman contracts it while pregnant.


C - Cytomegalovirus (CMV): A common virus that can cause hearing loss, vision loss, and other developmental problems in babies if the mother gets her first exposure to the virus while pregnant.


H - Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV): This refers to genital herpes, which can be passed to the baby during childbirth, potentially leading to neonatal herpes, a serious condition.


The purpose of TORCH screening is to identify if the mother has been exposed to these infections and to manage them appropriately to reduce the risk to the fetus such infection can also occur if the couple owns pets! Hence, it is an essential tool designed for those planning to conceive. 


With its accurate and reliable results, it allows for timely intervention and comprehensive care even BEFORE pregnancy, helping prevent miscarriage and promote healthy pregnancies. Get peace of mind and take control of your reproductive health with this must-have screening tool.


Complete the test in 5 simple steps:


Step 1: Add this test to cart and Check Out.


Step 2: Download, print and fill up the test form.


Step 3: Head to your nearest Pathlab Branch, give them the filled-up form and make a payment for the test.


Step 4: Our colleagues at Pathlab will then take your blood sample to proceed with the test.


Step 5: Get your report analyzed by our custom-made AI consultant!


Once you receive your test results, upload them to our customized VHC Infertility & Genetics Consultant GPT for immediate analysis.


This advanced AI tool, available 24/7, is based on Chat GPT and enhanced with Verdure Healthcare's 20 years of fertility expertise, following our unique Client Care Philosophy. 


It provides instant, thorough answers to your queries, ensuring you receive comprehensive insights into your health reports.


Access the GPT via Google Search: "VHC Infertility & Genetics Consultant GPT" or click the link below to begin your consultation:


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