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We never thought pregnancy would be such a tough journey...

In those days when we were just married, we never thought that having a child would be this difficult. I thought we were young and fit enough to have children. However, we never receive good news after trying to conceive naturally as well as IVF for years. I even experienced two abortions.

The first pregnancy happened after we came back from a vacation in our first year of marriage. But this excitement only lasted for 3 months until we were told that our child had no heartbeat anymore. The second pregnancy occurred after an IVF trial. During the earlier check-ups, doctor had been worrying and kept arranging for weekly follow ups. When it came to the 10th week, our child still had no heartbeat… I couldn’t forget how my husband and I cried in vain.

We both were tired. I was so upset and thought I would not have a child anymore. We bear stress not only from ourselves but also our parents. I was afraid I could not fulfil their wish. After discussion, we decided to try another round of IVF, the last round.

We planned to do IVF in Malaysia after we came back from overseas training. My mother helped to send me the Chinese Medicine from Dr Terrenz (Female 1 & Female 2). I took it for 3 months and continued for another 1 month when I was back in Malaysia.

I started IVF in April this year. A total of 12 eggs were extracted and 8 eggs were successfully cultivated for 5 days. 4 out of them were Grade A, 2 was Grade B and another 2 was Grade C. This result were much better than that of previous IVF as only 1-2 eggs with good quality left after cultivation.

2 eggs were implanted and pregnancy was confirmed after 2 weeks! They were twins! However, we did not dare to lose our caution. The worries were still there.

Soon it came to the 8th weeks of pregnancy, we were so anxious about the result. I couldn’t help crying when doctor showed me the heartbeat of my baby. After three months, we could finally share the good news!

During the 13th week of pregnancy, we passed the screening test of Down syndrome. My hard work paid off and finally I have my own child! Thank you those who support me along the journey, especially Dr Terrenz. I hope my story can inspire you. Believe in yourself!

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