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A single words from Doctor has changed my life...

I failed my first IVF trial in October 2015. I failed another 2 trials of IVF after that and these incidents had given me a big impact. It was like I spent a huge amount of money to buy an injured body instead of having a baby. My menstruation was a mess. Sometimes I experienced 2 cycles in a month and sometimes my menstruation lasted very long with small menstrual volume.

I was told by doctor that the quality of my egg was poor. After the first implantation, it started bleeding before I managed to do the pregnancy test. For another two trials, the embryo split quite well but they stopped dividing just prior to implantation.

Then I heard about VHC Formula designed by Dr Terrenz from my friends and decided to try it out for body conditioning. I submitted my blood test report to Dr Terrenz and wished to improve my ovarian function and number of eggs by taking VHC Formula. However, Dr Terrenz corrected my mind that she emphasized on the quality but not the quantity of the eggs. It was useless to have many eggs with poor quality.

I started to take medications on last September. Dr Terrenz prescribed me with Female 1 and Female 2 for 3 months. After 3 months, my FSH level still did not achieve the ideal value and thus I continued Female 1 for another 2 months.

Then I started my IVF journey. I did the injection in late January and after that, doctor was only able to retrieve 4 eggs due to my low number of eggs. I felt loss because not all of the eggs will be fertilized and even if they are fertilized, the eggs may not split. Moreover, split eggs may not implant well on uterus.

After that, I was informed that 2 out of my 4 eggs failed to be fertilized but another 2 seemed growing quite well with both grade B which was much better than my previous egg quality. My implantation stage went on smoothly too. When it came to the day of doing pregnancy test, I was so anxious to know the result. Surprisingly, I received a Congratulation from my doctor!

My mind suddenly went blank because I have been worrying for 2 weeks and had forgotten the feeling of happiness. Then I was pulled back to reality because I have to go through another 2 stages which were embryo’s heartbeat and amniocentesis.

Now I am in my 24th week of pregnancy and I have done both amniocentesis and ultrasound. I am having a baby girl. I hope my story can inspire those helpless mothers out there. Never give up!

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