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The Lower the AMH Index, The Lower The Pregnancy Rate?

I got married when I was 32 years old. My menstrual cycle had been regular and normal. However, I did not get pregnant after trying for 1 year and thus I went for a body check-up.

My husband’s body condition was good but my low AMH level had made me to have lower chance to get pregnant. Doctor prescribed me with ovulation drug for 2 months but still, I fail to get pregnant. At later time, I decided to try out Chinese medicine and use ovulation test paper as I did not want to take ovulation drug. The Chinese Physician told me that my uterus was cold and thus I need to take care of my diet intake.

Ovulation was absent during the first month and only I know, menstruation did not mean that there was an ovulation. An ovulation did not mean that your egg was mature. Getting pregnant was not easy as I thought.

My ovulation test results were weak for the following months. After 6 months, I found the good review of Dr Terrenz through Facebook. I was thinking to do body conditioning first before getting pregnant and thus I purchased 2 cans of yun yu bao. Then, I stopped taking it temporarily during my menstrual cycle. I realized there were some changes during this menstrual cycle. I usually experienced cramps during ovulation period, especially at my left side. My previous HSG test result showed both of my fallopian tubes were patent. I had no idea why did ovulation always happen on the left side. After taking yun yu bao, my menstrual cramps become more intense and my ovulation test stayed strong positive for longer time. After half an hour, the cramps diminished and then I did another ovulation test. The result showed an abrupt change from a strong positive to a weak positive. Now I understand that the cramp was caused by the ovulation process. I continued to take yun yu bao until my next cycle. Until one day, I felt wrong when my menstruation delayed for 2 days because my menstrual cycle was pretty on time.

Then I went for the early pregnancy test. The pregnancy test bar showed 2 lines with different intensity. Twenty days later, doctor confirmed that I’m in the 5th week of pregnancy and heartbeat was detected! I was finally pregnant!

Now I am in my 22nd week of pregnancy. I am grateful that I did not give up. A good body condition is the key to pregnancy. Before we get pregnant, it is important to build a good internal environment for the healthy growth of babies!

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