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Menopause at 28!?

My husband was 29 and I was 25 when we got married in 2010. Both of us enjoyed in the world of two and also due to busy working schedule, we decided to postpone our family plan. My menstruation has been normal during this period.

However, my menstrual cycle started to become longer one year after our marriage, from 30 days to 40 days until almost once in 2-3 months. Moreover, my menstruation days decreased from 5 day to 2-3 days with significant decrease in the menstrual volume. I became worried only when it came to the third year of my marriage, which we decided to have a baby. We prepared for pregnancy for about 6 months but we received no good news. I began to worry about it, whether it is caused by my menstruation problem or work pressure?

Premature ovarian failure in late twenties

I did a hormone test and the result showed that my FSH level was high (14.5MIU/ML). This had led to a significant reduction in my menstrual volume. My ovulation index wasn’t ideal as well with the LH level of 9.8MIU/ML. This shocking news gave me a heavy blow and I was so puzzled. How to get pregnant without ovulation?

Doctor told me that my ovarian function was weakening and at worst, I might have to receive egg donation. I was very reluctant to accept the reality and I wanted to have my own child. I cried heavily when I got home and very much overwhelmed with sadness. I kept wondering what should I do next. After a long time, only I started to accept the truth, or I should say, I had to accept the truth.

Chinese Medicine raises my hope

I started to look for information regarding premature ovarian failure. I saw people trying out Western medicine and also Chinese medicine. I saw hope in my problem and began to look for treatment. Meanwhile, I repeated telling myself that I can be a mother!

Knowing that Western medicine prescribe ovulation drug which can be really harmful to the ovaries, I did not want to take this risk to further injure my ovaries. After discussing with my husband, we decided to go for Chinese Medicine. Although the effect of Chinese medicine takes time, I believe it worth the wait as long as my problem can be solved. I hope to get my menstrual cycle and ovulation back to track so that at least I stand a chance to get pregnant.

As I couldn’t travel to visit Dr Terrenz in Kuala Lumpur, my friend suggested me to try out yun yu bao. After taking it for 4 months, my menstrual condition improved. When it came to the 7th month of taking yun yu bao, my hormone test results showed a reduction in FSH level (9.2MIU/ML) and also LH level (6.5MIU/ML). That happiness was indescribable!

I continued to take yun yu bao for another two months. Until one day, my ovulation test was positive. My husband had been encouraging me to keep it up. I stopped yunyubao for about 1 month due to coughing and flu and then I resumed. When I almost finished the 11th can of yunyubao, I was pregnant! I couldn’t believe it!

The dream that I have been longing for has come true!

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